ITMA 2007

Finishing equipment for everyone

At ITMA Munich 2007, 13 to 20 September, the SETeMa products will been shown at the booth of Aleph (Hall A2, Booth 303/404), as both parties agreed upon the end of July.

SETeMa’s focus towards all textile finishing processes around printing applications, has lead to a broad range of finishing equipment. Modularity, highest possible performance and a low energy and water consumption are the key words in the product line formed by pre-coat, fixation, washing, finishing and drying systems.

Products can, even afterwards, be combined in each requested configuration, giving each customer the most flexible solution with a minimal investment.

The Porta-Pad coating unit, for a broad variety of textiles, comes with a vacuum slit system which allows a simple and reproducible way to apply coating and finishing chemicals.

The Porta-Clean washing unit, developed for the flag and banner market, removes coatings and non-fixated dyestuffs with a minimal fresh water consumption of only 1.8-3.4 l/min dependent of the fabric width. The system is developed with a water recycling and counterflow heat exchanger to meet the requirements of minimum wastewater and energy consumption for a cost effective production.

The Portafix Universal steam/air fixation unit is suitable for the fixation of all textile dyestuffs, with temperatures in the range 100 to 180°C and dwell times between 2 and 30 minutes. It is equipped with a build-in steam generator.

A cunning technology guarantees a maximal colour yield with absolute consistency and reproducibility with a low fresh steam consumption. The fixation units can be delivered in 3, 6, 9 and 11 linear meters content and are afterwards upgradeable to 11 meters.

All equipment comes with maintenance-free chains which drive all rolls, thus ensuring a stress-free fabric transport in all units. All SETeMa products are available in 3 substrate widths: 1.85, 2.50 and 3.40 m.

The newly introduced Portafix Universal, in a width of 3.4 meter, and the Porta-Clean, in a width of 2.5 meter, will be shown at the ITMA 2007.