SETeMa BV has been on active for almost 2 decades now and we still continue to grow our portfolio of auxiliary machine for digital textile printing. We have now 4 types of textile steamers, the latest model is the L-STeaM which is a modular loop-type steamer with some unique features to achieve better than average fixation results to match our existing line of steamers.
Despite Covid we have been very busy and are still growing our business and staff in our Factory in Gemert. Our manufacturing is done almost completely in-house and our most recent expansion is a full size sheet and tube laser cutting machine. The options for manufacturing are even more flexible this way.
Future developments are already planned and will include even more productive machines whilst maintaining the focus on relatively low energy consumptions and ease of use.

In our democentre we still have all technology available for customers to test and have an hands-on experience. Printing of reactive and acid is possible in-house to complement the workflow of our equipment, the pre-treatment, fixation by means of steaming of heat treatment, washing and finishing.

At Fespa we will be present with our entry level steamer, the B-STeaM, which is ideal for small companies to do the critical fixation themselves.