FESPA 2016 Amsterdam, Moving to new facility


SETeMa has been manufacturing auxiliary machines for digital printed textiles for almost 15 years. Starting with our small scale steamer, Portafix Universal, in Westerbeek, we moved into our current factory in Boxmeer more than 10 years ago.

The evolvement of wider and faster Digital Printing machines, combined with the growth of market demand, required an expansion of our facility some years ago. The current location in Boxmeer is at it’s limit so we decided to move into a much bigger factory that will enable higher production numbers and larger scale machines.

Developments of new machines is our key focus to serve market demands as printers evolve. Later this year we will introduce faster drying and steaming solutions once we are settled in our new location.

As of mid 2015 the cooperation with 2-some as main sales partner was also ended. Sales are solely handled by SETeMa directly and through regional agents. All enquiries can be directed at info@setema.com.

Our new factory location is Dommel 34, 5422 VH Gemert, The Netherlands. Email and phone numbers remain unchanged.