FESPA 2017 Hamburg, Increasing the numbers

Last year SETeMa moved to a new location with more manufactering space. The move and getting organised took a lot of time and also pateince from our customers. Developments never stopped though:

The market shifts to ever faster production so the logical step in our portfolio is a faster dryer. Our highly succesfull II-Fix has been mainly used in dryer applications and taking the same principles we increased the number of drums from 2 to 5 in the all NEW Drum-Dryer-5.

Since energy can be limited, a recovery system is an option in the first drum. This relies 100% on waste energy of the remaining 4 drums thereby increasing the overall capacity of the drying unit by almost 20%.

A 2nd step in capacity increase is the introduction of alternative sources of energy. Current machines rely on electrical heating. A new option available in the DD-5 is the use of gas or oil burners. These run at lower costs and are necessary to keep up with drying demands also when electricity is limited.

The DD5 is available in all our standard machine widths of 1850, 2500 and 3400 mm media size.