Fespa 2008

New products at Fespa 2008

SETeMa B.V. introduces at FESPA 2008 in Geneva 1.-3. april (Stand M122) a high volume fixation unit, the E-STeaM ES-B36 with a content of 36 meters. The E-SteaM is suitable for fixation of disperse dyes on polyester and all other textile dyes. The compact unit is developed for the lowest energy consumption typically only 20-30% compared to commonly available units and it has one of the best price performance ratios in the market place.

The E-STeaM will also be available with a content of 18 meters, the E-STeaM ES-B18, which is upgradable to a ES-B36 with 36 meters in the same machine configuration.

Additionally the capacity of the ES-B36 fixation unit can be enlarged with modular extension units, the E-STeaM ES-U. The ES-U is a module that can be coupled to the ES-B, initially or at a later stage. This modularity enables flexible configuration, e.g. 2 units to create a content of 72 meters. The principle of the ES-B and ES-U is based on the successful Portafix Universal series, with similar characteristics as a built-in steam-boiler, forced steam circulation and regeneration of steam.

Also introduced at Fespa is the Drum-Dryer which is designed specifically for the combination with the Porta-Clean and Porta-Pad. The Porta-Clean, for removing coatings and non-fixated dyestuffs in a high performance rinsing process, and the Porta-Pad, for application of pre-/after-treatment chemicals, can both be combined with the Drum Dryer for in-line washing-drying respectively coating-drying.

It was already possible to combine the Porta-Clean and Porta-Pad with the Portafix Universal for fixation and drying. With the new option customers can choose to have a separate line for fixation and a separate coating-washing-drying combination or an integrated line for fixation, coating, washing and drying. In both combinations, a production capacity between 68 m/h and 135 m/h can be achieved.

Together with the introduction of the E-STeaM series a new winding system for higher roll capacity will be available. This ascending batch winder comes with the possibility of an automatic transverse substrate correction with cloth-side detection for perfect straight rolls. The ascending batch winder is a modular system; it can be coupled initially or at a later stage to all of the SETeMa’s products.

Due to the modularity of the systems several possible configurations are combinable according to customer needs. All the systems meet customer requirements regarding a low cost price and a minimum of water and energy consumption.