Fespa 2007

SETeMa B.V. introduces at the FESPA 2007 in Berlin (booth no. J155 / hall 25) their new 3400 mm (133.9″) wide fixation unit for the fixation of all textile dyes, the Portafix Universal 3400.

The Portafix Universal 3400 is designed specifically for the wide format textile printing market and is suitable for all fabrics printed with water based dyes including nylon and polyester, the typically used materials for flag and banner printing.Temperatures in the range 100 – 180°C and dwell-times from 2 to 30 min can both be tuned for steam and hot air fixation.

The Portafix Universal 3400 uses the proven technology of the earlier introduced 2500 and 1850 models but is designed from scratch with a modular infeed and outfeed frame for more flexibility in cloth handling and a higher cloth contents for higher production speeds.

The Autostart ensures production readiness on a pre-set time. The stand-by state can be used to keep the device, with minimum energy consumption, at the required production temperature. The new Autostop stops the unit automatically in a programmed manner after cloth-end detection, giving extra unattended fixation time outside working hours.

The Portafix Universal is equipped with a build-in steam generator and has fixed connections for water supply, steam/air exhaust and condensate waste water.Huge forced Steam circulation and regeneration, combined with the PID controlled heating and cooling, guarantee that the selected temperature is achieved throughout the entire steam chamber with an accuracy of a few tenths of a degree, resulting in an all-over equal and reproducible colour in combination with a low fresh steam consumption.

The maintenance-free chains drive all rolls, thus ensuring a stress-free fabric transport. With the introduction of the Portafix Universal 3400 the 1850 and 2500 series are also updated to the new design.

All the fixation units are modular combinable with the successful Porta-Clean and Porta-Pad to form an in-line pre-coat, fixation, washing, finishing and drying line in each possible combination. This giving each customer the most flexible solution with a minimal investment.