Fespa Digital 2006

New rinsing- and padding unit for flag and banner printers.

SETeMa B.V. introduces at the FESPA Digital 2006 in Amsterdam (booth no. E100 / hall 9) their revolutionary versatile modular finishing line (Porta-Clean, Porta-Pad, Portafix Universal) for dyestuff fixation, washing, padding and steam-drying for the flag and banner market.

The Porta-Clean is designed specifically for removing coatings and non-fixated dyestuffs in a high performance rinsing process. With the Porta-Pad, finishing chemicals can be applied to the textile e.g. a fabric protector. In combination with the high capacity model of the Portafix Universal as steam-dryer, a production capacity up to 135 (length) m/h can be achieved in a 2.50 m width.The compact build, in-line, system can also be used for color fixation only, simply by skipping the Porta-Clean washing and the Porta-Pad padding unit, using the Portafix Universal as stand-alone.

The Portafix Universal is suitable for hot air and high temperature steam fixation of water based disperse dyes in direct print on polyester. The systems are developed to meet the requirements of the flag and banner market, with a minimum of wastewater and high-efficient energy re-use for a cost effective production.