Heimtex 2003

New short-run steam ager for all dyes and fabrics.

SETeMa introduces their revolutionary sample/coupon/continuous steamer: the Portafix Universal on the Heimtex January 8-13 2003 in Frankfurt (Germany). The Portafix Universal is exhibited in Hal 6 stand A71, a combined stand on which the firm Ergosoft (CH) will demonstrate their new RIP software for digital printing on textiles.

The Portafix Universal has been designed specifically for the fixation of textile dyes and is suitable for all fabrics, natural as well as man-made fibres, all dyestuffs and all printing processes, that is for both the conventional and the digital printing processes.

Temperatures, in the range 100 – 180 °C (accuracy +/-0.5°C), and dwell-times from 3 to 30 min can both be tuned continuously for steam and hot air fixation.

The Portafix Universal has been designed for textile applications and its’ colour yield can compete with that achieved by high-end production steamers.

The Portafix Universal can be used for the fixation of samples and as well for continuous, roll-to-roll curing; both cases do not require a leader.

The fact that Portafix Universal comes equipped with its own steam production unit, implies that the operation does not require an additional steam net. The heat up time is less than 30 minutes and to ensure production readiness on a specific time there is also an optional auto-start. The stand-by state can be used to keep the device, with minimum energy consumption, at the required production temperature.

The huge circulation capacity guarantees uniform temperatures in the entire fixation chamber, quick warming of the fabric at the start of the fixation process and also quick cooling in the case of exothermal processes.

The Portafix Universal is compact, mobile (mounted on wheels), can pass through any standard door, and is very easy to install without any additional installation costs. All necessary components are integrated. Soft water is not a necessity. The Portafix is made of stainless steel 316 for durability and long life. The maintenance is straightforward and easy, due also through the usage of standard components.

The Portafix Universal is available in 3 versions with machine contents of 3m, 6m and 9m, respectively. The associated capacities for e.g. the fixation of reactive dyes for these versions are 18 m/h, 36 m/h and 54 m/h.

The fact that the Portafix is able to cure with a colour yield comparable to the normal production steamer makes the Portafix extremely suitable for sampling purposes in conventional printing processes, and also for digital printers striving for an optimum colour yield.

Marketing and sales activities for the Portafix Universal are handled by 2-some.

Further Information:

Jaco Kramer
Tel. +31 485-520322
E-mail: mail@2-some.com
internet: www.2-some.com

Nop Elemans
Tel. +31 485-385764
E-mail: info@setema.com
internet: www.setema.com


SETeMa (Scientifically Engineered Textile Machines) based in The Netherlands was founded in 2002. Its main objective is design and development of textile machinery based on the scientific knowledge of the underlying processes. SETeMa is thus able to design machines that perform better. The first product of SETeMa is the Portafix Universal, a sample/coupon/continuous textile steam ager that has been designed on the basis of the technological requirements as imposed by the fixation process.

2-some situated in The Netherlands was started in 2001. The in-house expertise derives from a total of 32 years international experience in the world of textile printing in fields such as technological consultancy, workflow optimisation and product-oriented marketing. 2-some is specialized in technological consultancy and marketing activities for companies which are engaged in each kind of textile printing.

SETeMa en 2-some entered, October 2002, into a partnership in which SETeMa is responsible for the development and production of the Portafix Universal, and 2-some takes care of the marketing and sales of the Portafix Universal.