Spotlight 2011

Spotlight on affordable high quality fixation

SETeMa looks back at a very good sales result after Fespa 2011 with a high interest in the latest products, the I-Fix and the B-STeaM.

The I-Fix is, after it’s first introduction at Fespa, very well accepted by customers as a profitable and reliable solution for the fixation of disperse direct and disperse transfer/sublimation dyes.

Easy handling and a perfect fixation result, together with low investments costs and a small footprint are the key items customers mention when they are asked about the benefits of the I-Fix. A low energy consumption, short start-up / shut-down times and an integrated exhaust, makes the I-Fix not only environmental friendly but also saves on operational costs.
The I-Fix can be used in-line with each digital printer or as a stand-alone unit to suit each customers’ workflow. In both situations the I-Fix is a separate device that will not influence the printing process with heat generation and evaporated solvents.

After a successful introduction at Fespa 2011 the B-STeaM is now going to be delivered to the first customers.
The B-STeaM is of typically interest for printshops that like to step into cotton and silk print-fixation. The B-STeaM gives them the reliable and affordable steamer to extend their business.The reliable technique of the B-STeaM is based on many years of experience in steamer development. Furthermore SETeMa’s High STeaM re-flow system stands for exceptional colour brightness.

Customers’ interest in both fixation units proves that the goals in the development of both, namely a compact and easy to operate fixation unit without any restriction to reliability and the quality, are met.