Product announcement 2013

Introduction of a new high speed washing module

5 years after the introduction of the successful Porta-Wash line SETeMa announces a complete new developed module: the E-Wash, a professional open width washing machine.

Looking at customer’s requirements SETeMa has seen a growing market demand for faster washing equipment consistent with the increasing speed of the digital textile printers.

The new developed E-Wash achieves a higher output and washes more efficient than the already very economical Porta-Wash.

As a consequence of the higher washing speed and the demand for a fastness wash up to 90°C the E-Wash is developed for a minor heat loss and a high effective washing process. With the experiences of the Porta-Wash range, the E-Wash has become a particularly compact washer with all components integrated.

The washing speed of an E-Wash module is almost quadrupled compared to the largest Porta-Wash module.

Due to the tighter integration of essential components the overall efficiency is further increased.

The E-Wash continues the modular setup of the SETeMa machines in which two or more E-Wash modules can be combined for an even higher performance, but also a combination with Porta-Wash and Porta-Pad modules is possible.

As one of the first producers of finishing equipment for the digital market, SETeMa produces all of its products in three cloth widths: 1.85 m, 2.50 m and 3.40 m.

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