Product announcement 2010

FESPA 2010 Munich, spotlight on autonomous in-line fixation

SETeMa’s news at FESPA 2010 in Munich (Stand 540 in Hall B2) is the new developed I–Fix (in-line fixation) unit.

The I-Fix is a complete autonomous heat fixation unit that can be coupled in-line to each digital printer without the need of a mechanical or electrical interface. Textile printing and heat fixation are automatically synchronised to a one step process. The I-Fix unit is developed for the fixation of disperse direct and disperse transfer/sublimation dyes.

With the I-Fix, in-line fixation is now possible with every direct to cloth disperse printer. Existing printers without an in-line fixation can be upgraded with the I-Fix since it works completely independent from printer hard- and software.

Advantages of the I-Fix are:

  • Maintaining the textile structure due to the pressure-free heat fixation.
  • The paper free workflow of the I-Fix saves on consumables costs.
  • An integrated exhaust removes hazardous solvents, which evaporate easily at high fixation temperatures from the ink, thereby keeping the working environment clean.
  • An optional parking shield that protects the cloth during a printer stop.
  • The winding system of the printer could be re-used if suitable. Alternatively the unit can be equipped with SETeMa’s centre winder.
  • The I-Fix is a versatile concept for fixation of disperse dyes, but also suitable for universal drying applications.
  • Placed behind the printer, the I-Fix will not influence the printing process with heat generation and evaporated solvents.

With temperatures between 50 and 220°C and dwell times from 10 seconds till several minutes the I-Fix is suitable for a wide range of drying and fixation applications. The electrical heated aluminium drum has an even temperature in the full width and guarantees a quick heat transfer to the textile.

Cleaning is easy because the exhaust hood can be opened, allowing access to the rolls and heated drum. The I-Fix is delivered complete with its own embedded control-unit.

As one of the first producers of finishing equipment for the digital market, SETeMa produces all of its products in 3 cloth widths: 1.85 m, 2.50 m and 3.40 m.