Portafix Universal

The Portafix Universal is a modular steam/air fixation unit with integrated steam generator for the fixation of textile dyes.

With temperatures between 100 and 180°C and dwell times from 2 to 30 minutes, the Portafix Universal is suitable for all textile dyes. The Portafix Universal allows ageing with saturated steam conditions, with temperatures in the range 100 - 105°C, is also suitable for high temperature fixation of disperse dyes at 165 - 180°C and can furthermore be used for the hot air fixation of pigment dyes.

The huge forced steam circulation combined with the PID-controlled heating and cooling capabilities, guarantee that the selected temperature is achieved throughout the entire steam chamber with an accuracy of a few tenths of a degree, resulting in an all-over equal and reproducible colour. Regeneration of steam during the forced circulation ensures a low fresh steam consumption.

The maintenance-free chains drive all rollers thus a tensionless fabric transport is guaranteed. In addition to that a fabric bar can be attached to the chain which greatly simplifies the feed-in handling of cloth into the Postfix Universal.

The Autostart enables the unit to heat-up automatically at a pre-selected time. During production stops the steamer can also be switched to a Stand- by state in which the device, with minimum energy consumption, is kept at the selected production temperature. The optional "Autostop" function will switch off the steamer automatically when the end of the cloth is detected.

The production capacity of the standard steamer (PU3) can, also at a later stage, be doubled (PU6), tripled (PU9) or quadrupled (PU11) without any loss of quality.

The roll infeed and discharge frame units are modular units and can be selected from roll-to-roll, lorry to lorry, batch winder or a combination of these. The optional ascending batch winder for higher roll capacity is offered with an automatic transverse substrate correction and cloth-side detection for perfect straight rolls.

The Portafix Universal is available in a 1.85, 2.50 and 3.40 meter width and is made of 304 and 316 stainless steel. All necessary components are integrated in the Portafix Universal.

The Portafix Universal can also be used as a Steam-Dryer in combination with the Porta-Wash and Porta-Pad.

The Portafix Universal is CE marked.

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