The Porta-Pad is a modular roll-to-roll padding unit especially developed for applying pre- and after treatment chemicals e.g. an ink-jet pre-treatment or a fabric protector.

Textile is dipped in the Porta-Pad containing the impregnating liquid. By means of a vacuum slit the excess padding liquid is removed leaving an even and constant wet-pickup on the fabric. Due to the vacuum technique the evenness over the width is excellent. The level of vacuum is adjustable to accommodate for different fabrics. The wet-pickup is greatly dependent on the type of fabric but can be as low as 30% for synthetics and 60% for natural fibres. The extracted padding liquid is recycled to reduce chemical consumption.

A chemical pump is used to fill the padding liquid into the Porta-Pad. During production the pump is used to circulate the padding liquid and distribute it over the width. The remaining liquid can be pumped out of the system for storage or waste handling.

The maintenance-free chains drive all rollers thus a tensionless fabric transport is guaranteed. In addition to that a fabric bar can be attached to the chain which greatly simplifies the feed-in handling of cloth into the Porta-Pad unit.

The Porta-Pad is available in a 1.85, 2.50 and 3.40 meter width and is made of 304 and 316 stainless steel.

The Porta-Pad can be combined with the Portafix Universal or the Drum- Dryer into a complete padding-drying line. In combination with the Portafix Universal the line can also be used for dyestuff fixation thereby reducing the investment costs.

The Porta-Pad is CE marked.

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