Product announcement 2011

Boxmeer (Netherlands), May 4th 2011

FESPA 2011 Hamburg, High Quality STeaM fixation was never so affordable!

First shown at Fespa 2011 (A1/E25) is SETeMa’s new B-STeaM fixation unit.
Although suitable for the fixation of all dyestuff classes the steamer is of typically interest for printshops and designers that like to step into cotton and silk print-fixation. The B-STeaM gives them the reliable and affordable steamer to extend their business.

Owing to the proved technique of it’s steamers and many years of experience in steamer development, SETeMa was able to meet customer demands for an affordable compact steamer that fit their growing business. The B-STeaM is a professional steamer that can simply be rolled into place through a standard door.

Specific properties:

With temperatures between 100 and 180°C and dwell times from 2 to 30 minutes the B-STeaM is suitable for the fixation of all textile dyes. Typically 100 - 105°C for Reactive and Acid dyes, 165 - 180°C for Disperse dyes and hot-air fixation at 150°C for Pigments.

The B-STeaM is the typical steamer for start-up of a growing business or to extend the printing business with high quality and reproducible fixation results.

The B-STeaM comes in a 2.20 meter width.

With the introduction of the B-STeaM at Fespa, SETeMa now produces 3 different steamer types to offer each customer the steamer that fits their capacity and price.


Boxmeer (Netherlands), April 13th 2011

FESPA 2011 Hamburg, The One4all direct textile fixation solution

New at Fespa 2011 (A1/25) is the stand-alone version of SETeMa’s I-Fix, the direct textile fixation unit. The stand-alone functionality can, besides the already known in-line fixation, be integrated in the I-Fix configuration. The I-Fix is thus fully flexible in each desired workflow.

The I-Fix is a complete autonomous heat fixation unit that can be coupled in-line to each digital printer with no need of a mechanical or electrical interface. Textile printing and fixation are synchronised to a one step process. When used stand-alone, the fixation unit can manage a print output of almost 200 sqm. The I-Fix unit is developed for the fixation of disperse direct and disperse transfer/sublimation dyes. Unique in this case is the complete absence of the else typical shadowing around colours in this belt-free system.

Existing printers without an on-board fixation can be upgraded with the I-Fix since it works completely independent from the printer hard- and software.

Advantages of the I-Fix are:

With a temperature range between 50 and 220°C and dwell times from 10 seconds till several minutes the I-Fix is suitable for a wide range of fixation and drying applications. The I-Fix stands out for an even temperature in the full width and guarantees a quick heat transfer to the textile resulting in brilliant deep shades with perfect sharpness as well as giving good penetration of the ink/dyestuff through the substrate.

The I-Fix is delivered complete with its own embedded control-unit. For the stand-alone set-up it will be delivered with a terminal for customer settings.

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