The B-STeaM is a compact and reliable steam/air fixation unit with integrated steam generator for the fixation of textile dyes.

With temperatures between 100 and 180°C and dwell times from 3 to 30 minutes the B-STeaM is suitable for the fixation of all textile dyes. Typically 100 - 105°C for Reactive and Acid dyes, 165 - 180°C for Disperse dyes and hot-air fixation at 150°C for Pigments.

SETeMa’s own High STeaM re-flow system guarantees a temperature accuracy of a few tenths of a degree throughout the entire steam chamber resulting in high quality and reproducible fixation results.

Regeneration of steam during the forced circulation ensures a low fresh steam consumption leading to lower energy and operating costs.

The maintenance-free chain drives all rollers thus a tensionless fabric transport is guaranteed.

The startup program enables the unit to heat-up automatically and create an airfree steam atmosphere. During production pauzes the steamer will be switched to a Stand-by state in which the device, with minimum energy consumption, is kept at the selected production temperature.

The B-STeaM is made of 304 and 316 stainless steel and comes in a 2.20 meter width. The B-STeaM can simply be rolled into place through a standard door. All necessary components are integrated in the B-STeaM.

The B-STeaM is CE marked.

A video is available here.

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