The E-Wash is a modular roll-to-roll counterflow washing machine consisting of three washing sections suitable for various cloth- and fibre types.

The separate washing sections use recycled and fresh soft water. Standard spraying nozzles, or optional high impact nozzles, are pressurised by circulation pumps, supplying the mechanical energy to increase the washing effect. The water counterflow can be regulated independently between the sections.

To obtain a high energy efficiency the E-Wash components are tight integrated: Each section is equipped with a counter-flow heat exchanger between cold fresh and hot waste water. Air of the vacuum systems is recirculated. The walls and covers are thermally isolated.

The vacuum system in each of the three washing sections is ideal for the removal of polluted water containing the excess of dyestuff and coatings from the cloth and it largely prevents polluted water being dragged by the cloth into the next washing section. To further enhance the washing effect the cloth is sprayed with clean soft water prior to the vacuum slit.

The build-in vacuum system can achieve moisture contents as low as 30% for synthetics and 60% for natural fibres.

The maintenance-free chains drive all rollers thus a tensionless fabric transport is guaranteed. With two separate driven and controlled sections, fabric lengthening during washing can be compensated. A fabric bar can be attached to the chain which greatly simplifies the feed-in handling of cloth into the E-Wash at the production start.

With a cloth content of 9 m and the ability of a hot wash, the E-Wash is suited for high speeds and a demanding fastness wash up to 90°C.

The integrated PLC enables the control of the washing speed, water temperature and the vacuum per cloth type in each module. Each washing module can be equipped with an automatic dispensing system for chemical dosage. The E-Wash comes with an user friendly touch-screen interface.

Two or more E-Wash modules can be combined for an even higher performance, but also a combination with Porta-Wash and Porta-Pad modules is possible.

Combined with the Portafix Universal or the Drum-Dryer the E-Wash forms a complete washing-drying line. In combination with the Portafix Universal the line can also be used for dyestuff fixation thereby reducing the investment costs. The E-Wash can also be integrated and synchronised with a third party dryer or stenter.

The E-Wash is available in a 1.85, 2.50 and 3.40 meter width and is made of 304 and 316 stainless steel.

The E-Wash is CE marked.

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