Pre- and After-treatment

Before inkjet prints can be applied to fabric often some sort of Pre-Treatment is necessary to keep a sharp definition of the print and to achieve fixation of dye during the fixation-step. Our Porta-Pad is suitable for applying pre-treatment chemicals evenly and reproducible. The system uses a vacuum that is completely width independent so whether a narrow or 3.4 meter wide fabric is used, we always get an even application.


After-Treatment (finishing) is used to apply certain properties to the finished fabric like Flame retardancy, water-repellency, soil-repellency, fabric softener, etc. When the Porta-Pad is combined in the Porta-Wash line often an Wet-in-Wet finishing is possible thereby greatly reducing drying costs.


The Porta-Pad can be integrated in our other production lines containing a drying and washing module or it can be interfaced to 3rd party solutions like stenters.

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