Printing of fabric is often seen as the main application. Fixation of dyestuffs is also widely accepted as a mandatory process. Washing however is often overlooked as a process that determines the final quality. The various dyes, cloth-types and end-uses demand very different process settings concerning number of baths, temperatures, chemicals and dwell times. To accomodate these demands we offer our Porta-Wash as a modular system to suit all washing needs. From a simple rinsing process in lukewarm water (previously our Porta-Clean system) to demanding fashion applications with superior fastness, a Porta-Wash line can consist of 1 to any number of required units.

When special properties need to be incorporated into the fabric we can insert a Padding unit into a washing line.

Drying after washing can be achieved with a Portafix Universal, E-STeaM, B-STeaM , Drum-Dryer, or II-Fix depending on application and customer needs.

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