Wet processing of fabrics often requires an inline drying unit since wet windup results in marking or creases. Our Portafix Universal can be used in a combination with washing or padding units to act as a steam or hot air dryer. Steam-drying being most energy efficient whilst air-drying has a slightly higher capacity. The combination of a Portafix Universal with a Washing or Padding unit reduces invest costs and, due to the modular design of all our machinery, can be upgraded or rearranged into other combinations when capacity demands increase.

Another solution is our Drum-Dryer-5 or II-Fix which are contact dryers. Both transfer energy at high speed resulting in a compact machine with very high drying capacity, suitable to handle the most delicate cloth types. A Drum-Dryer or II-Fix can be used for drying fabric after washing and they excel as a dryer in Pre-Treatment padding applications.

Finally the I-Fix is another solution. It contains a single-drum, identical to the Drum-Dryer.

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