Every dye and pigment that is printed needs to be fixed to the cloth to get a good fastness and color yield. Depending on the dye and cloth combination there are a number of possibilities which can be separated globally into dry heat or steam fixation.

In the Portafix Universal we create either a 100% steam atmosphere or a dry air environment. It is truly universal in applications. Every known dyestuff or pigment can be fixated in the Portafix Universal.

This is true also for it's big brother the E-STeaM Series and it's smaller entry-level nephew the B–STeaM

In case Reactive or Acid dyes are used then steam fixation is mandatory.

For dry heat fixation only we offer the Drum-Dryer, II-Fix and I-Fix who are capable of reaching temperatures well over 200 °C. The application of dry heat fixation is limited to Pigments (all fibertypes) and Disperse dyes (Polyester fibers).

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